Krush and Tyke Art Exhibit at The 7th Letter Flagship Store!

The 7th Letter Flagship Store recently held two exhibits from two very influential artists from the TSL camp. KRUSH had his "Landmarked" exhibit displaying images of famous LA landmarks on canvas. Anyone that grew up in LA should know at least 9 of the landmarks including Tommy's Original Hamburgers, The Frolic Room, El Compadre Restaurant, and even Sam's Hoffbrau is one of many landmarks KRUSH uses in his exhibit. TYKE's "Strange Sediments" exhibit displays the color schemes and characters he is known for making these canvases come to life. TYKE uses them old school colors from back in the days but his use of them is what sets him apart from others and the reason why others were influenced by his style. Just like art done on the streets, these exhibits are now over and those that witnessed them should feel priveleged. The good news is the the 7th Letter Flagship Store is always having exhibits, events, and special happenings you do not want to miss so make sure you go toThe 7th Letter and check out the next event hitting the store.