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"KRS-ONE performance at RhymeFest's Anniversary concert shows and proves that skills build a long career of hits, fans, and respect. Enjoy the BlastMaster teaching you how it should be done!!'"

Download DJ Volotyl's RNBASS Volotyl Mix NOW!

DJ Volotyl has been in the lab working with artists not only making noise in the industry but also creating sounds that are capturing the ears of many worldwide. RnBass is the blend of soulful singing with that ruff rugged and raw rap on top of smoov beats known to make your body move whether at a club or in the privacy of your own home with the one you love...that night. This exclusive mix by DJ Volotyl proves once again why many artists trust his ear to the street and bless him with world premieres. Sage The Gemini,Milla,Marky D,Dozay,Clayton William,JMaine and many more collaborate to make this mixtape a shure shot for this summer and a unique introduction to the sound that will continue to grow in style and numbers. Download RnBass Volotyl Mix now and enjoy the bar set by every artist on this project for the coming years and blended by one of LA's best DJ's...DJ Volotyl!