The Urban Sounds Video of The Week!

"KRS-ONE performance at RhymeFest's Anniversary concert shows and proves that skills build a long career of hits, fans, and respect. Enjoy the BlastMaster teaching you how it should be done!!'"


RHYMEFEST Celebrated their one year anniversary with a special 2 hour performance by the Teacha' KRS-ONE. It was very comforting to see so many people from back in the days talking to young lovers of Hip Hop making sure that the culture continues to build with a strong foundation. Rhymefest has been bringing amazing concerts but for this anniversary concert, no other than KRS could make the crowd go crazy with a catalog of hits that even 2 hours wasn't enough. Haiku D' Etat, NOCANDO, Planet Asia, WildChild with DJ ROme as well as many others gave great performances but it was the Legend KRS-ONE that showed everyone how it should be done... FRESH FOR 2014 YOU SUCKAS!!