The Urban Sounds Video of The Week!

"KRS-ONE performance at RhymeFest's Anniversary concert shows and proves that skills build a long career of hits, fans, and respect. Enjoy the BlastMaster teaching you how it should be done!!'"


Representing 5th Battalion and years of music production under his belt, DJ Quad releases his most personal album of memories and incidents that made an impact in his life. "Through These Tainted Eyes" shows not only growth and progression of one of Los Angeles' underground best, it also invites you to see through his tainted eyes as well. Talented local artist such as Tracy D, members of Lyrical Onslaught Music Wichol and OG Melow One, Sicko Soldado, OG Rome & The RowDoggs, DJ Spliff, from the U.K. Lady MJ Warrior and many more came through to rock the mic and celebrate another amazing production by Dj Quad at the Green Turtle in Whittier. OG Huskey Radio along with DJ TopRank provided the soundtrack to a memorable hip hop night of good music. Enjoy the pictures and to purchase DJ Quad's new CD "Through These Tainted Eyes" go to CD Baby ."